How to Make Spring Chores Easier

Well, it’s spring again. Are you energized? I don’t know why, probably something about sun and the angle of the earth, but in spring our brain produces more dopamine. That is one of the reasons we feel more energized, motivated, and happy when spring arrives. That and the fact that flowers are blooming, trees have leaves, and the grass has turned green. Many of you may think you need to do some house cleaning, lawn sprucing up, garden planting, all the usual things people do in the spring. But, maybe you’ve got it wrong. Maybe your house is as clean as it needs to be and you would be better off spending your time visiting a friend or taking the kids to the playground, or baking cookies. Remember those new year’s resolutions from a few months ago? Did they actually include cleaning your house? Probably not, more likely they included doing more with your friends and family. Hey, you can do both! Including others in the things you do won’t stop you from doing the spring jobs, but it will make those jobs more palatable.

For example, call a friend and both of you go to the plant store together, whether it’s a nursery or the big box store and both of you get what you need. Then help each other with the planting or other outdoor chores, maybe purchase one day, plant the next or purchase one weekend and then the next weekend you each get one day for the other to help at your home. Schedule your house cleaning with your children to first make cookie dough together. Put the dough in the fridge until after the cleaning. Then put the cookies in the oven and relax with your snack in front of the television. That will help get them through to the goal and be fun bookends for before and after the hard jobs.

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