Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law

What Is Family Law?

Family Law is an area of law which concerns issues regarding the family. Areas which are included are:
▸ Adoptions
▸ Alienation of Affection and Criminal Conversation
▸ Alimony
▸ Child Support
▸ Child Custody and Visitation
▸ Child Protective Services: Abuse and Neglect
▸ Civil No Contact Orders/Stalking
▸ Divorce
▸ Domestic Violence
▸ Equitable Distribution (property division)
▸ Jurisdiction Hague Convention (international custody)
Family Law▸ Jurisdiction UIFSA
▸ Jurisdiction -UCCJEA
▸ Marriage
▸ Paternity
▸ Post Separation Support (temporary alimony)
▸ Pre-Marital Agreements
▸ Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
▸ Termination of Parental Rights

These terms have distinct legal meanings which may be different than the common meaning used in general conversation. If you are not sure what any of these terms may mean, please see our section of Legal Definitions.

What Does a Family Lawyer Do? 
A family law attorney is involved in the resolution of issues which arise in relationships between people which involve the family and marriage. Because of it’s complexity and the inter-relation of the different areas within family law, many family law attorneys limit their practice to family law. Some family law attorneys have reached a level of proficiency both through experience, peer recommendation and advanced examination which allows them to be identified as board certified family law specialists. Other family law attorneys have been certified as parenting coordinators or family financial mediators. Please see What Does a Family Lawyer Do? for further information.