Are You A Good Parent?

Synopsis: Parents know their children better than anyone else. While a custody evaluation may be helpful, it is limited in what it can show. As of this writing, there has never been a test that will tell if a person will be a good parent.

Are you a good parent?We, at Bender LeFante Law Offices, PC, have had many years of experience with children and divorcing parents. While we believe that every situation is different and the needs of each child are unique, we, also, recognize that most parents love and care about their children and do not want to see them hurt by the separation which is happening to their parents. We believe that it should be the goal of each parent to help their children grow up to be physically, emotionally, and intellectually successful adults. However, as attorneys, we hold no special expertise in knowing what is best for your child.

Many attorneys ask for custody evaluations or hire experts to expound on the qualities of one parent over another. While such people may be helpful for certain situations, they cannot be substituted for the parent. The purpose of a custody evaluation is to help the trier of fact make a decision as to what custody arrangement would be in the best interest of the child. While tests can measure many things, there has yet to be a test that will tell if a person will be a good parent.

The person conducting a custody evaluation is only looking at you and your children at one moment of time. They cannot know what went on before that time or after, but measure only a small amount of time during which there may be many factors which could be affecting you, the other parent, or your children.

In order to help you decide what is best for your children, we ask our clients to complete a Custody History and review Custody Questions. You and the Other Parent know more about your children and how they interact with you on a day to day basis than anyone else. It is possible that a parent did some crazy things in their youth that the other party is bringing up; it is possible that during the break-up an otherwise kind and loving human being was temporarily displaced by a raving maniac. It is possible that a perfectly fine person and acceptable parent just cannot handle the personality exhibited by one of the children, or that one parent doesn’t relate well to younger children, or is unable help a child with special needs as well as the other parent. There are factors that may be relevant to your particular case which testing and brief encounters cannot show.

In asking you to provide information, which spans years of your time with your children, Bender LeFante Law Offices, PC is better able to successfully represent you in child custody matters.