“My ex husband was delinquent on alimony payments for approximately one and a half years. I hired Victoria to assist in retrieving this past due alimony. The case required that Victoria and her staff review two years of financial documents and then organize them into a case file for court. The task was monumental and time consuming and it was crucial to find frivolous spending amongst dozens of accounts and documents. Victoria brought four notebooks to court that were each 5 inches thick that were so organized that the judge, defense attorney and I could easily maneuver and discuss the expenses. In court, it was clear that Victoria had studied the information I had verbally discussed with her as she brought forward facts at just the right time which proved to the judge that alimony funds had been spent frivolously. Because of Victoria and her staff’s excellent preparation, the case was heard in half a day and the judge awarded me with a court order for alimony payments as well as interest to be paid on the past due alimony. And the judge honored the separation agreement to have my ex husband pay my attorney fees.

Victoria takes a calm, laid back and factual approach. She is not flashy. Her court demeanor is slow, concise and thoughtful as she pieces together her next move. Victoria was incredibly prepared with applicable cases that she had researched specifically for my case and she knew my file thoroughly, obviously well studied and prepared.

I would recommend Victoria, her paralegal and administrative assistant for any type of legal matter that Victoria was willing to take on”