Firm Overview

Family Law Services

Family Law includes most legal matters concerning children and the family. Sometimes these areas are difficult to define, and the law is constantly changing and expanding. Some of the traditional areas Bender LeFante Law Offices handles include the negotiation, trial, and preparation of:

  • Alimony and Post Separation Support
  • Annulment
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Divorce
  • Drafting Services and Assistance
  • Equitable Distribution (Property Division)
  • Grandparent and Third Party Custody Issues
  • International Family Law Issues
  • Jurisdiction and Venue
  • LGBT Issues
  • Martial Agreements (during marriage)
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Modification of child custody
  • Modification of Child Support and/or Alimony
  • Parenting Coordinators
  • Paternity
  • Pre-marital Agreements (before marriage)
  • Separation
  • Surrogacy
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • UCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act)
  • UIFSA (Uniform Interstate Family Support Act)

Bender LeFante Law Offices believes that you should have an understanding of the law and how it can affect your matter. For this reason, we have included information on the above areas of family law elsewhere on this website and we encourage you to explore the information provided.[list of articles on website]

Bender LeFante Operations

Bender LeFante Law Offices is client-focused family law firm. Often, a person’s experience with any family law firm begins on the internet. Our website provides a great deal of information which we hope is understandable and helpful to those who do not regularly practice family law. A website, by its very nature, contains general information. Your case may differ, even if it appears to be similar to another person’s case; and we encourage you to set up a consultation with our office for more individualized attention.

Once a client makes the decision to retain our services the differences between other firms and Bender LeFante Law Offices will become apparent. Our day to day operations include the following general office policies, operations and benefits:

  1.  Written fee agreements.
  2.  A client notebook with useful information.
  3.  Fast, professional and courteous service. Never more than 1 business day to get back to you on case-related questions.
  4.  Client involvement at each and every step of the process to ensure the best possible experience for each individual.
  5.  Personalized, caring explanation and coaching about all facets of the legal process.
  6.  The option to handle as many or as few of the details of each case according to client preference.
  7.  Fully documented computerized records and flexible fee arrangements tailored to each situation.
  8.  The option to use mediation or attorney-negotiated settlements instead of litigation, when appropriate.
  9.  Knowledgeable and prompt engagement of experts and specialized counsel for even the most intricate cases.
  10.  Availability of secure electronic mail (email) as well as fax and courier services for the fastest service available.
  11.  Experienced comprehensive knowledge of family court rules and procedures.
  12.  Attorneys who have positive relationships with professional colleagues.
  13.  Experienced, knowledgeable representation.
  14.  Weekly review of your case status.
  15.  Return of all original documents at the conclusion of your case and retention of an electronic copy of the file for your future needs.
  16. An advocate who looks at your case as unique and your needs as paramount.

We believe that your legal matter can affect the rest of your life, and it is our role to help you make and achieve the choices that are right for you.

Bender LeFante Benefits

One of the advantages of being represented by a small client-oriented firm is that the firm has the flexibility to be there when needed and to move quickly on matters when issues arise. Bender LeFante Law Offices takes each client’s situation seriously. We are mindful of the needs of our clients for high quality representation and complete and thorough preparation for all matters. For that reason, we may stay late, start the day early, or come in on the weekend when matters so require. We will hire and consult with experts as needed and discuss your matter within the firm to be certain that your needs are met. We consider you to be more than a “case”, we consider you to be a person who is going through a life changing event who needs to know that they are making a good choice in whom to trust with their most important matters. You may wish to know a bit about the firm besides our excellent qualifications and reputation.

As most professionals, we pride ourselves in our abilities and work hard to have a successful firm with an excellent reputation. But we are not part of the corporate image which equates success with the number of hours billed or imposes its idea of what should be done on the client. Bender LeFante Law Offices believes in the importance of the work/life balance. Just as we will provide our clients with additional time when the need arises, we consider our families equally important. It is important to each of our employees to be able to be a part of their children’s activities. For this reason we support and encourage our staff’s participation in their children’s school events, team events, and personal accomplishments. We know that it is not always possible to set appointments on weekends and after work hours and, for that reason, are considerate of the needs of our office members for unavoidable work/life overlaps. And, finally, we believe that each person needs to have time to pursue other activities which provide both mental and physical health. We believe that our integration of home and work lets us keep our understanding that each of our clients is an individual and has the right to determine the direction in which he or she wishes the case to go. It allows us to remain flexible, to look both to the law and experience, but also to new ideas and to thinking of solutions outside of the box.